Ginger & Lemon Liqueur

Produced from natural lemon and ginger distillation mixed with fresh fruit concentrates. Sour yet fruity flavor, a favorite for ginger lovers. Best served with crushed ice and mint leaves.

18% alc/vol      |     500 ml      |     85 NIS

Grapefruit & Hops Liqueur

Produced from natural Grapefruit and Hops distillation mixed with fresh fruit concentrates. It has a delicate sweetness and sour flavor with a slight bitterness. Best served cold with crushed ice and a slice of orange

18% alc/vol      |     500 ml      |     85 NIS

Coconut & Pumpkin Liqueur

This liqueur is known for its sweetness for those who love a sweet alcoholic drink.  Best served chilled

17% alc/vol      |     500 ml      |     85 NIS

Apple, Passionfruit & Rum Liqueur

Produced from natural distillation mixed with fresh fruit concentrates. A refreshing and well-balanced drink for cocktail lovers.  Best served chilled.

17% alc/vol      |     500 ml      |     85 NIS



Apple Cinnamon Schnaps

Our apple strudel schnaps is made from apples direct from the Golan Heights.  During the process, fresh cinnamon is infused in the schnaps.  Best served at room temperature and especially good when served with a sweet dessert.

39% alc/vol      |     500 ml      |     150 NIS

Apple Schnaps

Made with apples fresh from the Golan Heights.  The taste is clear and smooth with the delicate aroma and flavor of apple. Best served at room temperature.

40% alc/vol      |     500 ml      |     150 NIS

Fig Schnaps

Made from fresh figs from the
Beit Shaan Valley. This schnaps is made in a delicate manner and has a distinct aroma and flavor of fresh figs.

40% alc/vol      |     500 ml      |     150 NIS

White Eau de Vie

A blend of grapes from the Judean Hills, this schnaps is made from grapes that are harvested late in the season. The drink has a very distinct taste of grapes and of fruity white wine.

47% alc/vol      |     500 ml      |     150 NIS

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